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Selection considerations dryer

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-06-30

Materials for the drying process often depends on the material properties and drying properties, comprising four main factors:
(1)Material Form 
Form material can be said to be the primary factor to be considered, ranging from molded wood, ceramics, and flaky, fibrous, granular, fine powder until the paste and liquid materials, are industrial materials need to be dried .
(2)Material Various physical properties 
Physical properties include density material, bulk density, particle size distribution, heat capacity and adhesion properties of materials and the like. Adhesion performance level, work on access to materials and some forms of the dryer has a great influence, the drying process can not be adhered to severe.
(3) material properties in the drying process
Including heated heat-sensitive, some materials will change after the heat and decomposition deterioration. In addition, the drying shrinkage of the material during the molded article will crack or deformation, so that product quality to reduce or even scrapped.
(4) materials and water binding state
It determines the degree of difficulty of drying, energy consumption levels and the length of the residence time required in the dryer, which has a great relationship with the selection. For example, hard dry material is mainly to give a longer residence time, rather than strengthen the dry external conditions.
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