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plastic microwave pyrolysis system

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-09-02

In recent years, waste plastics processing technology has attracted much attention. It can effectively recover fuel oil, combustible gas and solid fuel through conversion, achieving maximum energy recovery and full reuse of waste plastics, with high economic and environmental benefits. Compared with waste plastics treatment technologies such as landfill, heat recovery and incineration, waste plastic pyrolysis has the characteristics of large processing capacity, high efficiency and low environmental pollution, and is more in line with the resource utilization, harmlessness and reduction of waste treatment. in principle.
Pyrolysis technology represents an important direction of the recycling of waste plastics today. The industrial continuous waste plastics low-temperature pyrolysis oilification technology won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, Industrial continuous production, 100% utilization of waste plastic resources, no secondary pollution, is a proven, stable, safe and environmentally friendly commercial continuous pyrolysis system. With the international leading technology, this equipment has become a powerful means to promote the country's green cycle and low carbon development and promote the construction of beautiful China.
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