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physical mechanisms of microwave heating

Author: langfeng Time: 2018-10-17

Understanding the physical mechanisms of microwave effect is play an important role in the synthesis of materials technologies employing microwave energy. Many different physical phenomena including thermal and non-thermal are involved in the microwave processing of ceramics known as ‘microwave effect’. Microwave effects have been used in order to explain unusual observations in microwave material processing. The effects are not to require the transfer of microwave energy into thermal energy and the microwave energy itself directly couples to energy modes within the atom, ion, molecule or lattice known as non-thermal effect. To investigate microwave effects, experiments on the synthesis of oxide materials, alumina(Al2O3) and silica(SiO2) as well as magnetic materials for ceramics, sensor, and microwave absorber via both conventional synthesis and microwave have been conducted by several groups of researchers as well as by authors.

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