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microwave irradiation to produce activated carbon

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-08-21

Activated carbon,an adsorbent with its large porous surface area,controllable pore structure,thermo-stability and low acid/base reactivity is currently receiving great attention,owning to its Superior and efficientability in air pollution control,solvent recovery food processing,chemical and pharmaceutical industries,waste water treatment (dyes,heavy metals, detergents, herbicides, pesticides and polyaromatic hydrocarbons),metal  recovery, catalysis as well as improving of odor and taste.

Microave heating has the additional advantages as follows: interior heating, higher heating rates, selective heating, greater control of the heating process,no direct contact between the heating source and heated materials,And reduced equipment size and waste.With continued development of activated carbons technologies,the new applications of Microwave heating in preparin gactivated carbon sare succeeding and expanding.Indeed, microwave-induced chemical reactions have been used in a large numberof applications,such as pyrolys is of high-volatile bituminous coal with nitrogen and coal gasficationin water

vapor.It has been found that char is a good receptor of microwave energy.By applyinga certain amount of microwave energy,the char may reach the minimum reaction conditions.

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