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microwave heating materials

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-07-25

Microwave selective heating means that only on the part of the microwave heating the material can not be heated for some materials. Therefore, according to the nature of the material is divided into four categories were introduced:
The first material is absorbing material, such as copper oxide, such materials having good microwave absorption capacity, high dielectric loss of the material itself, and therefore can microwave electromagnetic energy into heat.
The second type is a transmissive material such as quartz, Teflon and other materials, the microwave portion of the surface of such materials is rarely penetrate the reflective portion is absorbed, and therefore can not be difficult or microwave heating;
The third category is reflective material, typically a conductive material such as metal iron, graphite products, such as pressure, which has a microwave reflection, microwave heating can not be, but when iron, copper block, graphite block is processed into a powder state, it has a very good microwave absorption capacity, and in a relatively short period of rapid heating to hundreds of degrees Celsius or 1000 ℃. Therefore, whether the material can be heated by microwave and characteristics of the material itself, but also with the physical state of the material.
The fourth class of materials heterogeneous materials, is one of the hot spots in recent years. Metallurgy and materials synthesis in the microwave field, microwave heating of objects, mostly two-phase or multiphase heterogeneous material, its mechanism is very complicated. Characteristics of such materials is the presence of local field enhancement effect under microwave irradiation can cause the discharge, resulting in ultraviolet promote photocatalysis, which is a new microwave-assisted catalytic mechanism.
Microwave equipment is a new type of industrial equipment, energy saving and environmental protection has been recognized by many companies, more serious environmental pollution enterprises have begun to choose to use environmentally friendly microwave equipment to replace the traditional enterprise drying and sintering equipment.
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