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microwave assisted synthesis

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-09-03

As a new synthetic material technology, microwave heating has advantages unmatched by other methods, especially traditional synthetic techniques, such as fast reaction speed, short synthesis time, mild reaction conditions, high reaction efficiency, high purity and narrow product. The advantages of particle size distribution and uniform morphology are suitable for large-scale industrial production. It shows a good development trend and broad application prospects in the fields of synthetic nanomaterials and ceramic materials, and has been widely used by various countries. Pay attention to it. The method of applying microwave technology to the preparation of inorganic solid phase materials can be generally divided into wet method and dry method. Wet method, that is, microwave radiation liquid phase method, including microwave hydrothermal method, microwave hydrolysis method, microwave sol-gel method, etc.; dry method, that is,microwave sintering  method, including solid-solid method and gas-solid method, due to wet The method has the advantages of simple operation, less pollution, and controllable particles, and the research is more extensive.

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