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microwave Thermal Runaway

Author: langfeng1 Time: 2017-11-02

The discussion of microwave fundamentals has focused on the generation and propagation of microwaves and their interaction with materials. However, the thermo physical behavior of the sample must also be understood. Stable microwave heating depends on the rate of microwave power absorption and on the ability of the sample to dissipate the resulting heat, that is, if the temperature dependence of the power absorption is less than the temperature dependence of the heat dissipation at the surface of the specimen (plus insulation system),stable heating should be observed. The rapid rise in dielectric loss factor with temperature is the major issue in thermal runaway and temperature nonuniformity. Therefore, although microwave heating frequently is touted as providing more uniform heating, nonuniform heating is a reality in many materials, often at nominal heating rates. Some attempts have been made to quantify the conditions under which thermal runaway occurs and how it can be controlled. 

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