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factors of microwave industrial furnace

Author: langfeng1 Time: 2020-09-03

With the development of science and technology, industrial microwave hase been put in use in various industrial sectors.
The main difference between industrial microwave ovens and domestic microwave ovens is the microwave power
and the cavity volume, and the industrial microwave ovens play a significant role in the present society ,
we will introduce factors of industrial microwave oven:
The main can be summarized as the following factors:
1,  sufficiently high microwave power density;
2, enough number of modules to ensure the uniformity of microwave field strength distribution in the furnace;
3, the microwave source has a good coupling, to ensure a high enough coupling efficiency;
4, Avoid the high-frequency high-frequency breakdown occuring inside the furnace, especially near the coupling port;
5, with good anti-leakage devices to ensure the safety of personnel.
microwave high temperature sintering furnace
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