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application of microwave heating

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-09-03

Microwave heating results from induced currents so the heating tends to be volumetric however the penetration of microwaves is influenced by the properties of the material. The field penetrates it losses power and therefore the field intensity will decrease suggesting that heating may not be uniform.


Microwaves interact in three ways with different materials. It is reflected by conductors, transmitted by perfect insulators, or absorbed and decayed on the way inside materials depending on their dielectric properties. The heat is generated in dielectric materials due to agitation of molecules by the alternating electromagnetic field.


Biomass, scrap tyre and municipal solid waste are among the most common types of materials that have been subjected to microwave energy. Microwave technology has established in different field areas such as processing, heating and drying food, medical, waste management, pyrolysis of different materials (tyres, plastics, timber, and biomass), sintering, cooking, pasteurizing, and synthesis of chemical compounds, ceramics and many other processes.


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