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advantages of microwave pyrolysis

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-08-21

The course of the pyrolysis process is determined by many factors, which include the composition and fineness of grinding of the feedstock, feedstock heating rate, and residence time (i.e. the time of the feedstock being held in the reactor). Depending on the process temperature, heating rate, and reaction time, pyrolysis can be classified into three main categories: slow, fast and flash pyrolysis. It is difficult to characterize unequivocally individual pyrolysis categories and to assign specific classification criteria to each of them. Actually, two basic parameters, i.e. temperature and time, are chiefly used for this purpose. In most cases, the pyrolysis process is run at temperatures ranging from 400°C to 1000°C and the residence time is short, from several minutes for slow pyrolysis to less than 0.5 s for flash pyrolysis. The process parameters are selected depending on the types of the feedstock to be processed and of the product to be obtained. Low process temperatures and low heating rates conduce to the generation of large quantities of solid product, the fast pyrolysis at higher temperatures gives a lot of liquid product, and the flash pyrolysis at temperatures of about 900°C is conducive to the generation of pyrolytic gases. The process efficiency is also affected by the catalysts used and the feedstock diversification often determines the specific pyrolysis method adopted.

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