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Wood drying microwave oven principle

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-06-20

Wood drying microwave oven is a new technology, with uniform heating, drying speed, not out of shape, good quality, is conducive to continuous and automated production series of advantages.
Microwave drying of wood with traditional wood drying equipment is different, which is a frequency of 300MHZ to 300GMHZ, which corresponds to a wavelength of MM DM (10 -10M) order of magnitude than the light, long infrared wavelengths, is a high frequency electromagnetic waves . Our industrial microwave heating equipment commonly used fixed frequency, there are two special: 915MHZ and 2450MHZ. Such as the reflected microwave electromagnetic wave, the transmission, and interference, fluctuation characteristic diffraction, polarization, and along with the electromagnetic energy transmission; active molecules such as water molecules material in an electromagnetic field at a frequency of 915MHZ and 2450 repeated changes in the arrangement, transformation and release energy play the heating and drying purposes. 
Microwave heating material inside and outside at the same time, with real-time characteristics of the heating, no thermal inertia, therefore, easy to control the drying process; and without the noise and emissions of harmful gases, are environmentally friendly drying technology, easy to say, is through internal microwave material being containing timber itself absorbs moisture and direct heat. Due to evaporation of the surface moisture of the material, therefore, it is higher than the surface of the material. Internal material formed outward pressure differential to accelerate the migration of surface water, so much greater than the speed of microwave drying of wood convective drying speed 20? 30 times. Than the far-infrared and vapor drying to reduce energy consumption by more than 25%.
Microwave drying of wood materials make the interior temperature is higher than 60 ℃, the use of the material quickly kill parasitic eggs, to decay, mildew role. For a variety of different types of wood must first take appropriate microwave heating rate to achieve the best conditions for optimum benefits.
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