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What is an industrial microwave oven

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-11-10

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The use of the nature of the characteristics of microwave used in industry, and made equipment used in the production line, this equipment is the industrial microwave equipment.
In this case,Microwave refers to the frequency of 300MHz-300GHz electromagnetic waves, radio waves in a limited band referred to, that is, the wavelength of 1 meter (excluding 1 meter) to 1 mm between the electromagnetic waves, is the decimeter wave, centimeter wave, millimeter wave Collectively. The microwave frequency is higher than the average radio wave frequency, and is often called "ultra-high frequency electromagnetic wave". Microwave as an electromagnetic wave also has wave-particle duality. The energy of microwave quantum is 99 × l0 -25 ~ 1.99 × 10-22 j.
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