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What are the characteristics of alumina corundum crucible

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-12-02

What are the characteristics of alumina corundum crucible
microwave tube furnace, microwave sintering furnace
alumina corundum crucible for microwave heating system application only
Features of alumina corundum crucible:
1. High purity: Al2O3>99%, chemical resistance;
2. Good temperature resistance, long-term use at 1600℃, short-term 1800℃
3. Good resistance to rapid cooling and heating, not easy to burst;
4. Alumina ceramic crucible with high density and high purity alumina crucible by grouting molding,
Main ingredient: alumina (silica)
1. It can heat up to 1800 degrees Celsius. (for short period)
2. Suitable for melting samples of acidic substances such as K2S2O7.
3. Generally, it cannot be used for melting with alkaline substances such as NaOH, Na2O2, Na2CO3, etc., to avoid corrosion
of the porcelain crucible. Porcelain crucible should not be in contact with hydrofluoric acid.
4. Porcelain crucibles can generally be cleaned by boiling with dilute HCl.
5. Ceramic has water absorption. Therefore, in order to reduce errors, the crucible should be strictly dried before being weighed on an analytical balance. Sometimes the analyte is filtered with ash-free filter paper, and the filter paper is put into the crucible together; this kind of filter paper is completely decomposed in a high temperature environment and will not affect the results. After high temperature treatment, the crucible and its contents are dried and cooled in a special dryer, and then weighed. Clamp it with clean crucible tongs during the whole experiment.
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