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Train Scheme of Microwave Graphene Expansion Furnace

Author: langfeng1 Time: 2020-09-03

                                               Train Scheme of LF-PH9010 Microwave Expansion Furnace for Graphite and Graphene

Day 1: I.Furnace operation : 

1.basic requirements for water supply, gas supply and electric power; operation order;

2.Learn about parameters, setting values;

3.Introduce manual and auto operation;

4.Temperature control and corresponding microwave system;

5.Data copy and edit;

6.Malfunction and trouble shooting;

7.Heat the furnace for preparation of trial production in the afternoon.

8.Learn how to stop the furnace;


II.Microwave Graphene Expansion Furnace Introduction

1.Introduce production parameter, operation rules;

2.Introduce how to set the spiral conveyor, pneumatic fan of conveyor, and how to operate and change;

3.How to feed the material, the operation tips regarding discharging. 


III.Trial Production:

1.Based on the properties of GO powder, calculate the relevant parameters, introduce how to real operate.

2.GO powder production;

3.How to stop the unit;

4.Collect the material, and clean the furnace;

Day 2:

I. Wiring Operation:

1.electric devices layout, code introduction;

2.Explain the differences of power supply, screw sizes, tools standards between two countries;

3.Introduce the proper running direction of fan, spiral conveyor,

4.Introduce the installation and uninstallation of electrical circuit and gas supply,

pay special attention to how to adjust the wiring upon the improper running direction

of fan, spiral conveyor, fan of conveyor, conveyor motor;

5.Introduce how to replace magnetron, silicon stack, capacitance, transformer;


II.Mechanical Parts:

1.With the assembly drawing, learn each part and its function one by one;

2.Introduce the screws with various sizes, tools standards;

3.Introduce the requirement and connection methods of water supply and gas supply;

4.Introduce, install and uninstall of the outer covers, cable pathway, fan, spiral conveyor,

valves, valve proximity switch, discharging conduit, weep hole lid, thermocouple, ladder for feeding;

5.Clean the spiral conveyor;

6.Clean the choked magnetron. 


Day 3:

I. Insulation Parts:

1.Explain the insulation drawing to understand the installation order;

2.Introduce how to cut the complete insulation board;

3.Introduce how to install and uninstall furnace cavity lid;

4.Introduce install, uninstall and code of insulation board;

5.Install, uninstall and clean the quarts tube;

II. Uninstall the microwave expansion furnace for graphite and graphene;

To know further each part, function, position, operation, etc;

Day 4:Install the furnace

1.Ender users try to install the furnace, at the aid of our technical engineers;

2.Q&A, make conclusions;


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