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The basic structure of microwave furnace:

Author: langfeng Time: 2018-12-04

The basic structure of microwave furnace:
1. Microwave generating source: commonly known as magnetron, it converts electrical energy into microwave energy.
2. Microwave cavity: the internal space of the industrial microwave drying equipment. The material is heated, dried or sterilized in the microwave cavity.
3. Conveying system: refers to the conveying mechanism such as rail or conveyor belt.
4, the microwave suppression part: such as microwave oven doors, suppressors and other suppression mechanisms to prevent and control microwave leakage to meet the national standard requirements;
5. Guide wave device: the microwave emitted by the microwave generating source enters the microwave cavity through the waveguide excitation cavity, and its function is to take the energy of the microwave through the excitation of the waveguide to the mode required to heat the microwave drying sterilization.
6. Drainage and heat removal system: Exhaust the steam in the microwave box and the electric heating gas in the power box to solve the problem of overheating and overheating in the microwave box.
7. Measurement system: If the temperature of the material and the humidity in the drying chamber are measured, these measurement data are directly displayed through the meter.
8. Operation Control System: This part mainly includes (PLC) programmable controller and touch screen. The programmable controller receives the measurement data and related signals of various parts of the device, and accepts the control of the operator, thereby controlling the operation of the entire device, setting various process parameters through the touch screen and displaying the relevant state in the working process.
9. Other parts: such as electric drive part, cooling mechanism, safety protection and sound and light alarm, other supporting parts, etc. can be set as required.

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