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The advantages of microwave heating in the minerals industry

Author: langfeng Time: 2018-11-16

The advantages of microwave heating in the minerals industry include:

 If minerals can be heated by microwave radiation, heating to very high temperatures in a short period of time is possible.

 Generally, minerals couple better with microwaves as the temperature increase. Lower bulk temperatures are required for high temperature reactions.

Microwaves in the pyrometallurgical industry enables quick start-up and shutdown which would assist in increasing the degree of control  Selective heating of mineral ores.

McGill et al (1988) conducted experiments to determine the effect of microwave power level on the heating rate of minerals. It was found that, except for

low-loss materials (such as SiO2 and CaCO3 which does not heat well) or high loss materials (such as PbS or Fe3O4 which heats extremely well),

the heating rates increase with an increase in power level.



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