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Some problems of Microwave sintering technology industrial applications

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-09-03

Microwave equipment itself has been a major problem restricting microwave sintering technology industrial applications.
Currently, the maximum sintering temperature microwave sintering equipment can reach 1700 ℃, working frequencies of 28GHz, 60GHz, 2.4GHz, 915MHz and so on, since the frequency of 28GHz, 60GHz microwave sintering equipment cost is too high, yet unable to industrial application.
With the microwave sintering technology development and expanding the types of sintered material, the modular design of microwave devices should be paid much attention. Currently industrial application of microwave as there are still some issues to be resolved, such as greater access to homogeneous microwave field, low dielectric loss material is heated from room temperature to the critical temperature point between the microwave penetration within the feedstock, heating depth issues.
Microwave tubes in different materials in the life of the furnace lining, multiple microwave tube coupling in large scale production and other issues worth further study. In addition, technical difficulties which prevent the practical use include: sintered material types limitation, thermal runaway heating process, difficult to accurately measure and control temperature, cracking sintered parts, sintered low yield.
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