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Research on Microwave Pyrolysis of Sludge

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-09-02

Sludge is a kind of solid waste with complex composition and large discharge volume. The sludge contains organic substances, heavy metals and other toxic and harmful substances that are difficult to degrade. The treatment of urban sludge is particularly important, because sludge that cannot be properly treated takes up a lot of land and forms secondary pollution. Therefore, the treatment and utilization of municipal sludge is a very important subject. Microwave pyrolysis technology has the characteristics of high efficiency and speed, and will not cause secondary pollution. Wang Tonghua et al. studied the product composition and structure of microwave pyrolysis of sludge. The results showed that the content of CO and H2 in the gas product generated by microwave pyrolysis of sludge accounted for 72%, which is the raw material of combustible gas; the liquid product is aliphatic The category accounts for 42%, and the single benzene ring category accounts for 22%. Firstly, it can be used as fuel oil, and secondly, good chemical products can be obtained after separation. Therefore, microwave pyrolysis enables effective treatment of sludge and at the same time satisfies resource utilization.
Yuan Chunyan and others used microwave induction technology to pyrolyze sludge and prepare sludge adsorbent. The results show that the best conditions are when the microwave power is 400W, the carbon dosage is 0.25%, and the microwave time is 8min. At this time, the typical adsorbent value is 303.73mg/L, the average pore size is 2.88nm, and the specific surface area is 308.1m2/g. The degradation and decolorization rate of Yage's blue wastewater is up to 75%.
Dominguez A et al. investigated the sludge by microwave and its mechanism. The results show that microwave pyrolysis of sludge does not require preliminary drying, which reduces a large amount of energy loss. The generated gas contains a large amount of H2 and CO. The content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the refueling is very low. Therefore, microwave pyrolysis can reduce sludge. The content problem has been effectively resolved. At the same time, the solid carbon has a higher density, lower porosity and heavy metals are retained, which will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.
Xia Li used microwave pyrolysis technology to study the pyrolysis of sludge from different sewage treatment plants, and investigated the impression of the product by factors such as irradiation time, microwave power, and the way and amount of absorbing medium added. The results show that microwave pyrolysis has the characteristics of high efficiency, rapidity and greatly reduced energy consumption. While effectively treating the sludge, it can also realize the effective utilization of its resources.
Fang Lin et al. believe that microwave can quickly improve the dewatering performance. The experiment investigated the law of sludge sedimentation and dewatering performance within 130s, discussed the sludge particle size distribution and related mechanisms, and focused on analyzing the destruction process of the sludge structure. The results show that microwave has great advantages in improving the performance of sludge dewatering, heavy metal fixation and resource reuse, and provides ideas for harmlessness, reduction and recycling of sludge.
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