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Preparation of Activated Carbon by Microwave

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-06-12

Microwave has a fast, efficient, high utilization of resource recycling, will not cause secondary pollution, low cost and significant advantages. Here's how:
1 The organic waste using microwave heating molding, carbonization, activation obtain high quality activated carbon.
2 with broad bean stalks, rice straw, bark black type copy rubber waste, shell seeds, wheat straw, corn cobs, bean shells, bagasse, bayberry bark waste, tobacco stalk, pine sawdust, coconut shell as raw materials, microwave preparation of activated carbon.
3 microwave radiation bamboo, coconut shell, cotton stalk, the use of phosphoric acid, water vapor, zinc chloride as an activator to obtain high-quality activated carbon.
4 microwave radiation tobacco stalks had legal performance of different activated carbon.
Microwave preparing activated carbon for the preparation of activated carbon has opened up a new way, the microwave method has fast heating, high thermal efficiency, easy to control, equipment, small size, low pollution, etc., in addition to the excellent preparation of activated carbon adsorption properties out.
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