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Note of using microwave oven

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-09-19

Hinges if found wrong, the people immediately repaired.
Door or open the door of the place, do not grease or food scraps left over, causing the door can not close off.
If there is no article in the microwave oven, do not use. Because the microwave emitted can not absorb, it will bounce back to the magnetron and be damaged. If a child at home, often put a glass filled with water in the furnace, to prevent accidents caused by the switch is pressed by mistake.
Microwave oven should always be kept clean and dry, if the furnace will reduce the effectiveness of water vapor, drying should be.
Do not use a microwave oven to warm baby's bottle or milk, because milk heat unevenly, easy to hurt the baby.
Do not seal the furnace hot capped bottled food. Narrow bottleneck of bottled food even opened the lid and also because the expansion pressure, cause an explosion. He opened the lid half full of jars of baby food should not be the original bottle placed in an oven heated to avoid breaking of the bottle.
Except for cookware, containers and lids for use in the microwave oven, utensils and other materials, it should not be used.
If the whole bag of food with a metal clip, which should first be removed, tied tight plastic cooking bag metal strip should not be used. If you see a spark generated in the furnace should be immediately shutdown.
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