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Microwave industrial applications - Woodworking

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-05-31

Microwave can be 1-6 cm thick planks evenly, fast drying, drying just 10 minutes, and does not crack deformation, while killing insect eggs inside the timber and larvae; also be glued to plywood or puzzle the curing and drying bamboo products, wooden crafts, eliminate mold, sterilizing the rubber industry in Japan with 2450MHz, 5-10kw microwave heating device for a tire is heated to the curing temperature after heating with hot air heat, may cure 3 to 4 t weight tires; the United States using 915MHz, 50kw horn antenna is used as heat radiation control program utilizes large tire rotation scanning, the advantage of uniform heating, curing time is reduced by one third.
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