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Microwave welding principles and characteristics

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-06-23

Microwave welding using electromagnetic microwave interaction with the material, the material is heated and complete the welding under loads. Microwave heating is the use of the material dielectric loss in microwave field forming power dissipation, the microwave energy into the material itself molecular kinetic and potential energy. Due to the different materials of different dielectric loss, resulting in different power dissipation, thermal effects are also different. Thus, the use of this selective heating, more effectively improve the welding strength, while maintaining the substrate unaffected. Microwave welding has the following characteristics:
⑴ use of a dielectric loss material itself heat, and only the entire device in a high temperature zone linker, and the rest is still in the cold. Therefore, the welding time is short, save energy, and the entire apparatus is compact, simple, low cost;
⑵ When welding, heat inside the joint as a whole at the same time, low internal stress. Ceramic shape does not change, is not easy to have a fracture, the joint evenly and firmly together, welding, high strength, also without preheating without post weld treatment;
⑶ heating quickly, accurate temperature control, easy to produce bubbles and joints grain growth, while more even distribution of elements in the grain boundary, so that the joint area of ​​the material can maintain excellent performance;
⑷ between the welded joints help add solder having a larger dielectric loss factor, low material and solve complex shapes of ceramic welding.
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