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Microwave treatment refractory organic wastewater New Technology

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-06-24

Microwave assisted catalytic wet oxidation is a process refractory organic wastewater new technology is an advanced oxidation technology recently proposed. 
In the presence of activated carbon and aerobic conditions, microwave irradiation treatment of refractory organics in water is an effective method. In this paper, activated carbon as the catalyst for microwave assisted air oxidation of aqueous solutions of pentachlorophenol was treated study. The effects of activated carbon dosage, microwave power, irradiation time and the impact of ventilation solution removal of PCP. 
The results showed that the amount of aeration and activated carbon 10g 0.2L / min conditions, microwave power 800W, after 60min of microwave radiation, pentachlorophenol solution (20mL concentration of 2000mg / L) removal rate can reach 90% ; filtrate microwave radiation before and after UV scanning, HPLC analysis and pH measurement, results showed that PCP after microwave-assisted air oxidation, its stable structure is destroyed, and gradually be mineralized.
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