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Microwave synthesis of ceramic powders

Author: langfeng1 Time: 2017-12-13

Powder Synthesis

The characteristics of a starting powder (composition, size, structure, shape, etc.) strongly affect the control over the sintering behavior, microstructural development, improved properties, and reliability of the final product. For this reason, there continues to be a significant effort to develop improved and tailorable powders to meet the increasing demands for a wide range of future, advanced ceramic products.

The application of microwaves to the synthesis of ceramic (oxide and nonoxide) powders is a recent and emerging development and offers some unique benefits, especially with respect to producing particles of submicron (nano) size with controlled compositions. Microwave synthesis of ceramic powders offers greater process flexibility by taking advantage of several

Powder Synthesis

• Sol-gel Decomposition/Drying

• Solution Evaporation/Decomposition

• Gas-Phase Reactions

• Gas-Solid Reactions

• Solid-State Reactions

• Ceramic Precursor Pyrolysis

• Hydrothermal Reactions

Powder Treatment

• Dissolution

• Drying

• Calcining

Powder Consolidation/Shaping

• sintering

• Reaction and Sintering

• Melting

• Ignition

combinations of volumetric, rapid, and selective heating conditions, which are not possible by conventional means. All of these heating advantages can be used to process and tailor extremely fine (less than 1-μm diameter) powders by controlled reactions in sol-gel processing, gas-phase synthesis, solution evaporation/decomposition, or hydrothermal reactions. 


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