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Microwave sintering cavity

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-09-03

Hunan WISE Microwave Technology Co., Ltd.
The core of the microwave oven is the microwave sintering cavity, the cavity design can ensure that energy coupling and impedance matching affect the efficiency of microwave utilization and magnetron life.
At the same time, the reasonable design of the sintering cavity is the key to the successful sintering of the material. Output power and uniformity of heating are the main performance indicators of microwave systems.
Microwave field is mainly single-mode and multi-mode field. Single-cavity microwave field field is simple and stable, the disadvantage is that the uniform field is small and not adjustable, suitable for sintering low dielectric loss, small sample material. Multi-cavity can expand the uniform field area, sintered large size, high loss of materials, industrial microwave sintering using multi-cavity microwave sintering furnace.
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