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Microwave sintering PTC thermistor ceramics

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-08-21


Microwave sintering of PTC thermistor ceramics Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistors are characterised by

an increase in the electrical resistance with temperature. They are widely used in various industrial and domestic applications,

such as electronic and electrical temperature control. Chang et al. have studied the orientational growth of grains in doped

BaTiO3 PTCR materials by microwave sintering. It exhibits typical microstructures of sintered sample. The conventional-sintered

sample shows ecliptic spherical shape, whereas the microwave-sintered sample shows an orientational strip-like microstructure.

The growth of grains in microwave-sintered BTO is obvious orientational, which is very different from the familiar

conventional-sintered BTO. The XRD analysis indicates that the perovskite structure of microwave-sintered BTO

is tetragonal, whereas the conventional-sintered sample is cubic. The reason for this abnormal phenomenon can perhaps be

attributed to the polarisation of BTO as a typical piezoelectric material in the microwave field, and also to the enhancement of

grain diffusion by the microwave-sintered.


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