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Microwave pyrolysis

Author: langfeng1 Time: 2017-10-12

Microwave pyrolysis is a relatively new process and was initially developed by Tech-En Ltd. in Hainault, UK; this thermal treatment in a microwave-heated bed of particulate-carbon has been shown to be an effective method of recovering and recycling chemicals present in troublesome wastes such as plastic waste, sewage sludge, and coffee hulls . In this process, waste material is mixed with a highly microwave-absorbent material such as particulate-carbon, which absorbs microwave energy to generate sufficient thermal energy to achieve the temperatures required for extensive pyrolysis to occur. As a result of microwave heating, the waste material is thermally cracked in the absence of oxygen into smaller molecules. The resulting volatile products are either recondensed into an oil product (termed “pyrolysis-oil”) or collected as incondensable gaseous products (termed “pyrolysis-gases”) of different compositions depending on the reaction conditions.


Hunan WISE Microwave Technology Co., Ltd.

Schematic representation of microwave heating of carbon material 

We can offer microwave pyrolysis systems with:

1. LF-LZG 1516, with temperature: 1600C , lab scale;
2. LF-RJ10510: with temperature 1100C, 100-200kgs;
                           with temperature 1600C, 100-200kgs;
3.LF-RJG02 with temperature: 800C, 1.3 Tons per day;
4.LF-RJ9010 with tempature: 1100C, lab scale;
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