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Microwave oven safe points

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-08-17

Microwave oven should note the following:
  (1) Do not go near the microwave oven gas stove, heating pipes and other heat sources. In order to prevent leakage accidents, microwave oven must have a ground wire.
  (2) microwave work, the cavity can not do without food and air burning. Because the air burning, microwaves can not be absorbed, it will burn the magnetron.
  (3) Do not slam the door, nor can a hard object inserted in the door seal to avoid leakage of microwaves.
  (4) Microwave work, do not face close observation window view. Because the eyes of microwave radiation is the most sensitive organ, vulnerable.
But not allowed to open the door when the microwave oven work, the door will open a lot of microwave leakage, damage a person's health.
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