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Microwave induced chemical activation

Author: langfeng1 Time: 2017-09-05

In chemical activation,the precursor material may be carbonised before activation e.g.or may not be carbonised before activation e.g. Because prior carbonisation is not prerequisite in chemical activation, the process usually refers to as a single stage activation process.Microwave induced chemical activation process involves the exposure of the precursor material to microwave irradiation after it has been impregnated with chemical activating agents such as ZnCl2, NaOH, KOH, K2CO3, FeCl3,and H3PO4. In addition to their role as oxidants and dehydrating agents, the chemical activating agents also serve as microwave absorbers because of their dielectric properties.

However, none of the previous studies incorporate the dielectric properties of the chemical activating agents. One major advantage of the microwave-induced chemical activation processes is its ability to produce carbons with high surface area. However, like in the conventional chemical activation process, there is an Additional cost due to post-activation washing of the carbons that is requires to clean off the reactants and inorganic residues from the carbons.

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