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Microwave heating for transportation of crude oil

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-06-15

Transporting crude oil to replace the traditional method of using microwave heating, has important practical significance. Experiments show that crude oil has good microwave characteristics, its loss tangent tgδ = 0.017 ~ 0.165 (water loss tangent tgδ≈0.15) by absorption of microwave experiments showed that crude oil good characteristics, such as the use of microwave heating oil 200g 2 minute. Its temperature up to 35 ℃ (29 ℃ was raised to 64 ℃) absorption of microwave 150W.
Because microwave heating for the media as a whole, namely: the inside and outside at the same time heating, and rely on the traditional method of heat conduction heat transfer is essentially different manner, the heating efficiency is several times or even several times the speed of conventional heating. And conventional heating difference is that it does not heat the surrounding air and the container. Therefore, heat loss is small. It is also one of the important reasons for the high efficiency of microwave heating. Crude oil heating such as the use 915MHZ, the wavelength of 32 cm in the microwave, according to theoretical calculations, the maximum penetration depth of this 230mm.
Microwave heating characteristics for transporting crude oil
(1) heating fast, high thermal efficiency compared with conventional heating energy savings of 50%.
(2) simple structure, easy installation and maintenance.
(3) can be centralized monitoring, remote control and automatic operation without manual on-site operation.
(4) No fuel or oil pollution caused by smoke.
(5) low operating costs.
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