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Microwave heating control system applications in the oil industry

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-06-14

Microwave in oil exploration, transportation, metallurgy, chemical industry will have a huge development prospects, in terms of the exploitation of crude oil and heavy oil can use microwave high pour point crude oil, since these oil viscosity, adhesion to difficult to use conventional sandstone waterflood mining method, and other methods are costly and inefficient. Application of microwave technology is the most effective way to solve these problems.
Microwave acting on the heavy oil can cause chemical changes and thermal effects of microwave, which not only changed the rock wettability, improved spread system, improve reservoir recovery, but also in the process of mining, due to the microwave effect thermal effects and non-thermal effects, asphaltenes in the mining process of small molecular weight i.e. into light oil, heavy oil conversion to the province in the oil refining process. Save a lot of investment.
There are other aspects in the development of microwave applications such as oil and gas fields: microwave demulsification, microwave desulfurization, dewaxing, microwave and microwave plugging in preventing the formation of gas hydrates, etc.
In the petrochemical industry, coal, methane gas phase pyrolysis using microwave excitation, microwave distillation of petroleum and coal plasma gasification.
Using microwave heating in the hydrolysis process polyacrylamide heating, due to its poor thermal conductivity, so the ordinary heating methods is slow, uneven and the inside and outside, seriously affect the product quality and production efficiency, the use of microwave dielectric heating characteristics and its penetration can be rapid and uniform heating and uniform heating of the product. Greatly improve labor efficiency and product quality, save energy. Significant economic benefits.
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