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Microwave equipment routine maintenance matters

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-12-01

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Microwave equipment routine maintenance matters
1.Every day the machine must be run before the look around the work environment and the wire connection is normal.
2.Tunnel-type microwave equipment to manually check the transmission belt tension, after the day before the operation may cause the belt too loose situation.
3.First open the transmission and exhaust electrical parts, observe the microwave drying sterilization equipment unit and the cooling system is running abnormal.
4.Microwave equipment just connected to the power, to idle for a short time to ensure the normal operation and then add the material handling.
5.Operators should pay attention to the numerical value of the instrument when the microwave device is running, and press the emergency stop button of the device immediately after encountering abnormal fluctuation.
6.When the day's work is completed, first cut off the power supply, check the components of the wires are exposed or damaged; and then microwave drying sterilization equipment, dust filters or dust bag for cleaning.
7.Usually the production workshop should pay attention to moisture, anti-four victims, to maintain environmental sanitation, so you can extend the life of microwave equipment.
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