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Microwave energy applying research

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-08-31

In the beginning of the 1970s microwave energy applied research work, in 1973 the application of microwave heating technology research and development of microwave heating with a magnetron. 1974 and 1980 the Ministry of Electronics Industry held a "national microwave energy application technology exchange", exchange of academic and application of microwave technology issues.


March 1981 menstrual approved by the Ministry of the four planes, deployed forces affiliated to the Ministry of Science and Technology, was established - the China Electronic Devices Corporation of microwave energy application station, responsible for the national organization to promote the application of microwave energy, design research. October 1983 Chinese Institute of Electronics held the first "National Symposium microwave energy applications." Thereafter every two years in the country to select a good application area held alternately microwave applications and technological exchanges, to promote the development of domestic microwave industry. Proceedings have each published application relates to the field of industry, agriculture, medicine, scientific research and other aspects.


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