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Microwave drying equipment

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-06-21

Microwave drying equipment construction material selection inner wall 304 stainless steel material. Plus outer insulation material insulation, help make full use of energy and energy conservation. The outer layer of steel spray equipment bending process. Bottom hole equipment into the atmosphere in order intake. Top device configuration humidity and porosity in order for the discharge of moisture, humidity and fan with more favorable moist microwave drying furnace exhaust gas. Promote drying of wood.
Microwave Operating System:
Electrical operating system is installed on the operator control panel of the instrument, centralized operation and control microwave energy equipment, to achieve the set of microwave energy
Operation and monitoring, configuration, operation switches on the instrument panel, power selection buttons to adjust the microwave. Time setting, select the heating time for the user operation. Installed power watch list were observed microwave heating device stability. Also configures a convenient oversight temperature display temperature changes. Operating-bit installation of protective emergency stop switch, security at run time due to failure safety shutdown.
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