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Microwave drying applied in Pu'er tea process

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-06-28

Our production line of microwave drying process has been investigated tea system, and tea processed for microbiological and chemical composition detection. Determine the brake green fresh leaves, rolled after drying tea and tea cakes drying process, a single light wave microwave drying tea cakes process, a preliminary analysis of the influence of microwave drying on the quality of tea, and on this basis, the production line of microwave drying tea efficiency and economic benefits were analyzed. According drying requirements Pu'er tea cakes, and verified by tests to determine the microwave drying production line rolling tea and tea cakes process route. After tea microwave drying yeast, Aspergillus niger and polyphenols equivalent microwave drying does not affect the quality of tea.


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