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Microwave-assisted organic synthesis used in pharmaceutical industry

Author: langfeng1 Time: 2020-09-03

Synthesis of radio pharmaceuticals:


Microwave-assisted organic synthesis at an elevated pressure has been used in pharmaceutical industry for the synthesis of radio pharmaceuticals.  During pre-clinical trials, these radio pharmaceuticals are used as tracers to generate a nuclear medical image. A multi-mode microwave oven was used in the first trial of this kind and it was observed that the rate of reaction increased substantially. This has resulted in the enhanced use of microwaves to produce radio pharmaceuticals. Advantages of microwaves include the fast reaction rates and high yield of the reaction. This can be attributed to the short half-life of reactants, for example, saving five minutes in a synthesis with carbon resulted in an enhanced production rate of 15%. It has also been observed that several reactions could only be achieved by using microwaves.

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