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Studies on Microwave-assisted Extraction of the Active Ingredients in Chinese Traditional Medicine

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-05-23

Extraction is a common method of isolating and purifying substances. The traditional extraction method Soxhlet extraction, reflux extraction and ultrasonic extraction, but has a time consuming and expensive reagents, low efficiency, poor reproducibility shortcomings in recent years, can not meet the needs of development, which has made the supercritical fluid extraction, the new method of microwave extraction extraction. For extraction, due to the energy of the different components of the system are selectively heated, and thus become a way for the extraction process of the target component separated from the matrix. With traditional Soxhlet extraction, ultrasonic extraction compared to its main feature is fast, energy-saving, solvent savings, less pollution, but also conducive to extraction thermally unstable substances, avoid prolonged high temperatures cause decomposition of substances, particularly suitable for heat-sensitive component or process to extract active ingredients from natural substances. Compared with the supercritical extraction, microwave extraction equipment is relatively simple, inexpensive, and suitable for a wide range of less polar limited extracts by. 
Application of microwave-assisted extraction of active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine, the traditional extraction method can overcome the inherent deficiencies, showing a good development prospects and great potential. This paper three microwave extraction method. First, the high pressure microwave oven dedicated microwave batch extraction, the system used by microwave ovens, Ltd. WR-C type microwave oven as Beijing Mei-technology production, and even have the power to select and temperature control, pressure control, when the control device in the microwave extraction cans sealed polytetrafluoroethylene carried out; second, continuous process with alternative batch process, the development of a home microwave oven microwave atmospheric flow extraction.
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