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Microwave Technology Applications

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-08-26

Hunan WISE Microwave Technology Co., Ltd.
Semiconductor production process technology have been used in microwave plasma, etching, sputtering, vapor deposition, silicon wafers; can be used metals, alloys, non-metal surface treatment; for plasma spectral analysis, can be detected dozen element.
2.Chemical industry
Microwave has a wide range of applications, such as digestion, extraction, hydrolysis, catalytic reactions in chemistry.
3. medical
Biological effects of microwave sub-thermal effects and non-thermal effects. Its thermal effect on health care can be microwave therapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy with diathermy cancer; also can use microwave heating plasma, thawed frozen organ; also design microwave scalpel, surgery to stop bleeding fast, less bleeding.
4. the measurement
High precision microwave measurement, suitable for the production of continuous measurement and automatic control. Has been widely used in distance, temperature, thickness measurement, speed and other aspects.
Microwave can be uniformly dense ceramic sintering temperatures up to 2000 ℃, to obtain large size fine ceramics.
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