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Microwave Technology Applications 2

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-08-29

1, food industry
Food, food industry is the rapid rise of the pillar industries. The use of microwave can be puffed food, drying, deodorization and preservation process. It has been used in cakes, beef jerky, potato chips, dried fish, salted duck, cashew, peanuts, melon seeds, soybeans and other aspects of the production. My company has an annual production of 50 to 60 sets of microwave equipment used in the food industry.
2, woodworking
Microwave can be 1-6 cm thick planks evenly, fast drying, drying just 10 minutes, without cracking, deformation, and kill insect eggs inside the timber and larvae; also for plywood or plastic puzzle then the curing process; bamboo drying, sterilization eliminate mold. Henan Boda Institute of High Temperature Materials, Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management, Zhengzhou University and other famous universities became close strategic cooperative partnership. Produced by microwave equipment widely used in energy consumption in metallurgy, chemicals, ceramics, refractories, high wood processing, heavy industrial pollution and refinement of new materials processing field.
3, rubber industry
Japan with 2450MHz, 5 ~ 10kw microwave heating device for a tire is heated to the curing temperature after heating with hot air heat, may cure 3 to 4 t weight of the tire; the United States using 915MHz, 50kw horn antenna is used as a radiant heater, the use of process control large tire rotation scanning, the advantage of uniform heating, curing time is reduced by one third.
4, insect sterilization
Microwave sterilization may insecticide at lower temperatures. Food processing, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, wood and the like. It can play a role in insect sterilization at 70 ~ 80 ℃. And heating speed, not the material thickness and shape influence.
5, desulfurization
Coal sulfur in the form of pyrite, pyrite than coal has a higher loss tangent, and therefore allows the use of microwave heating of pyrite obtained selectively reacts with the gas, desulfurization. The coal is unaffected. The method is based on the ideal duration of 0.1 seconds pulse wave intermittent heating, pyrite heated to high temperature of about 650 ℃. This approach to the sulfur effect, without expensive catalysts, save money, high energy efficiency, low environmental pollution.
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