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Microwave Sintering of Ti6Al4V

Author: langfeng Time: 2019-12-05

Microwave Sintering of Ti6Al4V:


Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V, a highly-preferred material in aerospace and biomedical industries due to its mechanical and biocompatibility properties, suffers from poor machinability.

process of microwave sintering of the titanium alloy: CAD model,  3D printing of polymer pattern, 

phosphate bonded mold( unbaked), pattern burnout and mold baking in induction furnace,

mold cavity for filling titanium alloy powder

microwave sintering of titanium alloy powder

sintered finished part;

our microwave high temperature high vacuum furnace LF-VA1600-1 can fully meet the requirement of 

sintering of Ti6Al4V powder;

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