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Microwave Sintering of Ceramics

Author: langfeng1 Time: 2020-09-03

Microwave sintering of a number of oxides and nonoxide ceramics ranging from low-loss materials like Al2O3 to

relatively high-loss materials such as SiC, TiB2, and B4C has been reported. The perceived advantages of microwave sintering

over conventional sintering include expectations for :

more-uniform heating,

better properties of the product,

greater throughput with resulting smaller plant size,

and greater energy efficiency.

It is generally assumed that since microwave energy is deposited in the bulk, significantly less time is required to heat the part to the

sintering temperature than would be required to diffuse the heat from the exterior, particularly for large parts or large batches of small parts.

The resulting rapid sintering may lead to smaller grain size at a given density, with consequently better mechanical properties.

Although some advantageous application of microwave processing in sintering has been demonstrated, the perceived potential

of the technology has gone largely unrealized on a production scale.

Langfeng microwave sintering furnaces include:

microwave tube sintering furnace:LF-TU1200-1 LF-TU1200-2, LF-TU1600-1, LF-TU1600-2, 

microwave sintering furnace with controlled atmosphere:LF-AM1600-1, LF-AM1600-2, 

microwave sintering furnace with vacuum:LF-VA1600-1 LF-VA1600-2.

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