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Microwave Sintering Tungsten Heavy Alloy W-Ni-Fe alloys

Author: langfeng1 Time: 2017-11-13

1) Microwave sintering technology can also be used to prepare the W-Ni-Fe material,

when compared with conventional sintering, it has a significant advantage with the

aster heating rate and the shorter sintering cycle.


2) The microwave sintered 93W-Ni-Fe samples have significant densification shrinkage at

1300˚C ~ 1400˚C. After solid state sintering by microwave processing at 1450˚C, the

relative density of sintered samples is up to 98.6%, but there is an obvious phenomenon

of grain growth.


3) The inner structure of microwave liquid phase sintered samples is more

homogeneous at 1550˚C, and the average grain size of the nearly spherical tungsten is about

15 μm, the relative density of the sample sintered can reach 99%. 

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