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Microwave in Chrysanthemum Drying

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-08-15

Usually hot air drying of the material during the external heat, the surface is dry, heat transfer inward, in the opposite direction and the direction of water diffusion transfer, affecting the evaporation of water out. The microwave is internally heated, high water content sites warming faster. Therefore, in the microwave drying process, the moisture from the inner to the outer layer of the migration speed faster drying faster than hot air drying. 
Application chrysanthemum drying microwave drying has the following advantages: (1) fast drying; good (2) product quality; the chrysanthemum surface temperature is not too high, small changes in chlorophyll, the green color of emerald and Tibetan resistance, less loss of aroma, uniform drying ; the same time as the water evaporates fast, easy to form a porous, rehydration good product, when the contents of soluble tea out.
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