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Microwave-Assisted Exfoliation and Expansion of Graphite and Graphite Oxide

Author: langfeng1 Time: 2020-09-03

The exfoliation of graphite (with layered nature) is a volumetric expansion of graphite by up to hundreds of times resulting from
the crystallographic delamination along its c axis. A sudden, rapid expansion of intercalation agent exerts a force on
the adjacent layers of graphite during exfoliation, thus creating a worm-shaped, accordion-like material with
low density, high temperature resistance, high lubricity, and high flexibility. 
 Intercalation agent molecules (HNO3) migrate and deposit between the graphene layers
of graphite in the intercalation process, and then the intercalation agent molecules are
vaporized under microwave irradiation, generating enough force to overcome the van der
Waals force between adjacent layers of graphite and expanding the graphite
along the c-axis, in the exfoliation process.
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TAG:  Microwave-Assisted Exfoliation and Expansion of Graphite and Graphite Oxide
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