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Main Technical Specification of Microwave Furnaces for Chemical Experiments

Author: langfeng1 Time: 2019-10-29

To provide a reliable microwave furnace for chemical experiments, microwave equipment should be able to offer
a stable and reliable technical parameters of the device, which can be given from the exact work of these devices,
converted into experimental electromagnetic parameters. At present, microwave plasma chemistry research work
has been more fully considered this strict equipment conditions, which is microwave chemical experiments can
learn from. The main technical parameters are reproduced as follows:
   Frequency: 2450MHZ
   Microwave power: 6KW
   Power supply mode: Switching power source
   Pulse width: 50 microseconds - Continuous (adjustable)
   Repetition frequency: DC-10KHZ (adjustable)
   Peak power: 0-6KW (adjustable)
   Impulse response: 20 microseconds
   Average power stability: 0.1%
   Power adjustment accuracy: 0.1%
   Microwave power ripple factor: <1%
   An important factor in obtaining the repeatability of the application experiment is the stability of the power
supply; its output power is not disturbed by fluctuations in the grid.
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