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Low-temperature vacuum microwave drying advantages

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-08-23

Hunan WISE Microwave Technology Co., Ltd.
Microwave vacuum drying equipment is used in an electromagnetic wave heating, no heat transfer media directly to the internal body heating, heating speed, 1 kilowatt of microwave energy within 3-5 minutes at room temperature water was heated to 100 ℃, with conventional drying techniques improve work efficiency compared to more than four times;
Uniform heating; microwave heating from the inside out on the material while heating to produce puffed effect, in favor of crushing, drying quality greatly improved;
Continuous production and automation, since the microwave power can be adjusted quickly and without inertia characteristics, easy to instant control, can be arbitrarily adjust the temperature between 40 ℃ -100 ℃;
Good product quality, microwave vacuum drying equipment compared to conventional methods, the quality of processed products has dramatically increased;
Microwave disinfection, sterilization efficacy, safety and hygiene products, long shelf life.
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