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Great Role in microwave systems: High Purity Alumina Fiber Material

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-08-21

Great Role in microwave systems: High Purity Alumina Fiber Material
• The furnace is made of high-purity alumina fiber material through a unique process, which has outstanding thermal insulation performance

and reduces power consumption by 30%
• Alumina fiber
A kind of polycrystalline inorganic fiber whose main component is alumina. The main crystal form can be Y ·, 5-z ef a-alumina.

Usually it also contains about 5% silica to stabilize the crystal phase and suppress high temperature.

polycrystalline inorganic alumina fiber is rapped around the microwave tube, or filled inside the whole 

heating chamber of microwave muffle furnace.
• Alumina fiber is one of the latest ultra-light high-temperature insulation materials at home and abroad.

It adopts high-tech sol-gel method to make soluble aluminum and silicon salt into a colloidal solution with

a certain viscosity. High-speed centrifugal spinning to form a fibrous embryo body, which is then transformed

into Al-Si alumina polycrystalline fiber through dehydration, drying and crystallization treatment at medium

and high temperature. The main crystal phases are mainly corundum phase and a small amount of mullite phase.

The chemical composition is AI2o395% + Sio25%, the fiber diameter is 3-7um, the length of the monofilament is

10-150mm, the appearance is white, smooth, soft and elastic, like cotton wool. It combines the characteristics of

crystal material and fiber material. The use temperature is up to 1450 ° C-1600 ° C, the melting point is up to 1840 ° C,

the thermal conductivity is better than that of ordinary refractory bricks, the bulk density is only 1/25, and the energy

saving rate is 45%.

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