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Characteristics of Conventional Powder Metallurgy Sintering Technology

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-09-03

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Sintering process is an important part of powder metallurgy technology. During the sintering process, the geometrical dimensions of each direction decrease, the shrinkage density of the compact body increases, and the microstructure changes. The metal powder of the unit is mainly expressed in the shape, quantity and distribution of the pores. In addition to the changes in porosity, the changes in microstructures are also reflected in the formation and development of the desired phases. 
Generally speaking, the powder sintering is divided into pressureless sintering and pressure sintering. Pressure sintering with hot pressing, hot isostatic pressing, powder hot forging and other processes. The powder metallurgy sintering furnace must be a vacuum furnace or an atmosphere sintering furnace. The sintering atmosphere may be nitrogen, hydrogen, or argon.
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