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Applications of microwave heating in minerals processing

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-09-07

Microwave heating has been applied to a number of minerals processing applications. Walkiewicz et al., 1988 present data on microwave heating of a number of minerals, and speculate on the potential reduction in grinding energy required for minerals with stress fractures induced by microwave heating. Bradhurst and Worner, 1990 discuss applications of microwave heating in mineral processing and pyromet-allurgy, including drying of coal, gold extraction and ore reduction (see also Standish and Huang, 1991 and Standish and Worner, 1991). Haque, 1987 has discussed microwave pre-treatment of refractory gold ores. Rowson and Rice, 1990 examined microwave-enhanced desulphurisation of coal mixed with caustic solutions. The rapid microwave pyrolysis of coal was studied by Monsef-Mirzai et al., 1995.
Microwave research areas associated with mineral processing include waste immobilisation using microwave vitrification, and microwave combustion synthesis of ceramics. One of the most promising mineral processing applications, which has reached pilot plant scale, is the regeneration of granular activated carbon.
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