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Application of microwave technology in the modern tea industry

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-08-05

Performed using microwave technology tea fixing, drying and extraction of active ingredients, there are many reports in recent years, at home and abroad as one of the modern tea processing technology, the application of microwave technology has begun to develop large-scale production. Since 1945, it was discovered that microwave heating effect since the microwave heating is widely used. Because tea contains water, the water molecules in the microwave electromagnetic field is polarized, having a dipole characteristics, and with the frequency of the electromagnetic field constantly changing polarity, high speed molecular vibration generating frictional heat from the inside to make tea deep warming and consistent temperature throughout.


With this feature microwave heating, rapid heating to make tea, the temperature reaches a critical point inactivating enzymes to accelerate the migration of tea structure of water, very suitable for green tea post-fixing process and drying operations. Fixing and post shows that microwave technology for drying tea is an ideal way to critical applications is how to match the structure of the microwave frequency, power, speed material, microwave heating equipment and developed microwave technology for tea fixing, drying process of technical specifications.


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